We are delighted to extend an invitation to private and corporate investors seeking exciting opportunities to join our journey. At Innayat Retreat, we offer you a chance to become a co-owner and acquire equity shares in our thriving company. With a bold vision and a solid foundation, we are poised for remarkable growth and long-term success.

One of our unique offerings is a share in the land itself, which holds a HGB title for an impressive duration of up to 80 years. This ensures that your investment extends beyond the business and facilities, granting you ownership in the very foundation of our operations.

Here are some key financial indicators that make Innayat an attractive investment opportunity:

  • EBIDTA Margin Forecast: Our projected EBIDTA margin stands at an impressive 47%. This demonstrates our ability to generate significant earnings from our operations, showcasing a healthy and efficient business model.
  • ROI Forecast: We anticipate a remarkable Return on Investment (ROI) forecast of 53%. This highlights the substantial potential for our investors to reap substantial rewards on their capital contributions.
  • Net Margin: Our projected net margin is an impressive 36%, indicating our ability to effectively manage costs and generate sustainable profits. This solidifies our commitment to maximizing shareholder value and ensuring long-term financial stability.

To further explore the details of our business proposition, we have attached a comprehensive Pitch deck, along with a brief Profit and Loss forecast and a cash flow statement. For those seeking more detailed financial insights, we also have an in-depth financial model readily available.

We invite you to connect with us at info@innayat.com to discuss any questions you may have or to request further information. Our team is dedicated to providing you with all the necessary details to make an informed investment decision.

At Innayat Retreat, we believe in creating mutually beneficial partnerships that drive growth and success. Join us on this exciting journey as we revolutionize the industry and set new benchmarks. Together, we can shape a prosperous future.